Emergency Appeal for Landslide Victims

Urgent relief for survivors of the 29 October 2014 landslide

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Why are we doing this?

A landslide has flattened a village at Meeriyabedda in Koslanda in the Badulla District on the 29th of October. At the time of writing there are 12 people dead, and 26 missing, according to the Disaster Management Centre (DMC). Victims were asleep or busy with the morning household chores and had no chance of escape. The village was primarily a tea-growing region but the landslide, caused by heavy monsoon rains, has devastated the area. Around 72 families have been directly affected by this landslide. There are children who had gone to school and are now without their parents, and other families whose homes have been destroyed.

What is this project about?

The first 48 hours after a disaster are critical. Palmera has already started work, providing food and other essential items for the survivors. This will help survivors meet their basic needs, and for children, it will provide them with some recreational activities to help keep spirits up.

How will it work?

We are providing staples such as rice, lentils and flour. We are also providing school supplies, toiletries and recreation for the approximate 200 children whose lives have been uprooted with some losing both parents in the disaster. We now seek the funds to support our efforts.

The Benefits

Survivors will have their basic needs met in the immediate aftermath of the landslide Children will have some recreational activities to keep their spirits up during this tragic time Survivors don’t need to worry about getting the basic items and can turn their attention to rebuilding their lives.


The village at Meeriyabedda in the Badulla district is about 220 kilometres south-east of Colombo. It marks the southeast extremity of the Hill Country and is famous for its tea plantations. Most of Sri Lanka has experienced heavy rain over the past few weeks during the monsoon season. The Disaster Management Center had issued warnings of mudslides. A local government official said that the area has been marked vulnerable since 2008 and even evacuation drills had been conducted. A joint rescue operation was underway with the army, police, air force and the district administration participating with all their resources in search of survivors but had to be called off due to bad weather. Rescue missions are continuing at the time of writing.

Project Partner

LEADS has experience in responding during emergency situations, and providing relief to survivors.

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