Sustainable Dairy Farming Project

Supporting resettled farmers to grow their dairy farming businesses

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Supporting resettled farmers to grow their dairy farming businesses.

Why are we doing this?

Dairy farmers in war affected Vavuniya returned from refugee camps to find that their livelihoods had been destroyed. Although they have experience and skill in dairy farming, they lack the ability to restart their businesses. This means that these families struggle to meet their basic needs.

We will support the farmers to restart their dairy businesses by providing the means to purchase cows and cattle sheds, and the training to ensure their businesses are successful.

How will this project work?

dairy_project_3-220x165_1432039499Support for this project will be provided from beginning to end as we work with the community to surface their passions, generate new ideas, develop core skills, finance business inputs and connect the business to new markets.

We will provide loans to farmers for the purchase of cows and cattle sheds. The loans will be repaid over 2 years with no interest. Loans mean the farmers will feel ownership of the project as they are contributing to restarting their business.

We will also provide training on innovative and sustainable dairy farming practices to ensure the business can produce enough high quality milk to provide a regular source of income for these families.

This training will focus on the production, preservation and marketing of fresh milk, including:

  • Innovative new techniques in cattle management such as crossbreeding cows, artificial¬†insemination and grazing.

  • Animal health and nutrition

  • Good business management practices.

The Benefits

  • dairy_project_1-220x147_1432039450Loans for cows and cattle sheds will ensure farmers are able to feel a sense of ownership and dignity in rebuilding their livelihoods.

  • Training on innovative and sustainable dairy farming practices will mean farmers can increase their agriculture and business skills and maximise their businesses productivity.

  • Farmers will be able to significantly increase their income levels, allowing their families to better meet their daily food, health and education needs.

How do we ensure the project is sustainable after we leave?

dairy_project_2_1432039476The project builds on the existing dairy farming experience and skills of these people.

Training on new farming techniques will ensure that the dairy farmers are able to develop their businesses in ways that ensure the long-term health of cattle and are gentle on the environment.

Our Partner

Y Gro focus on livelihood and education projects as a means of reducing poverty. They are experts in sustainable and innovative dairy farming.

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