Toy Production Project

Supporting women to expand their toy production businesses

  • Description

Beneficiary_1-e1437824982369Rebuilding lives

Women in impoverished Puttalam District earn a living making and selling children’s toys. They have an idea to expand their toy businesses and transform the lives of their families and community. Your donation will help these women turn their idea into reality by enabling them to purchase quality materials, undertake training on design, marketing and business management, and coordinate the sale of their toys through an online platform.

What we do

We support this project from start to finish until the business owners are self-sufficient. We work with the women to identify their passions, turn their ideas into new realities, develop core skills and provide funding for initial outlay and connect the business to new markets.

Self-Generating: As part of our self-sufficiency approach, we work with the women to expand their already established businesses. This ensures the project is beneficiary owned and led from start to end. Beneficiary_2

Self-Improving: Through training we provide new skills that will last a lifetime, including:

  • Advanced product design

  • Marketing

  • Quality maintenance

  • Entrepreneurship

Innovating: We introduce a new Marketing Centre, allowing the women to coordinate the sales of their toys through a central online system. This ensures they are able to reach new national and international markets and increase sales.

Why it works

  • Market stall_1Beneficiary Led: Ensure women feel a sense of ownership and dignity in rebuilding their livelihoods.

  • Empowering: Encourage women to become more involved in their community and economic decision-making.

  • Life Changing: Support women to increase their income levels, which means they are better able to meet the food, education and health needs of their families and contribute to the long-term prosperity of their community.

How do we ensure the project is sustainable after we leave?

Toy Production_2We build on the existing toy production experience and skills of these women. Training on new toy production techniques will ensure that the women are able to develop their businesses in ways that are environmentally friendly.

Our Partner

FRIENDS are experts on women’s empowerment through economic development.

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